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Welcome to the Canadian Propane Association’s Propane Training Institute (PTI) online training site!

A leader in the field, the Propane Training Institute offers training programs that allow the development of specific technical skills on the handling of propane (transfer / container filling, auto-propane, transport), facility and equipment inspection, construction (forklifts, heaters and torches) and use of propane-powered equipment and related products.

You are a PTI certified trainer?

Create you account. To do so, have your PTI Trainer ID# at hand. If necessary, consult your PTI Trainer profile to retrieve it.

You already have an account? Log in and start using our online training programs by purchasing courses via your PTI Trainer profile for your trainees and view their progress.

If you have questions, please contact us at training@propane.ca.

You are a student/trainee?

Create your account. But first get your PTI Student ID#. You will not be able to create an account on our learning platform if you do not first have a PTI Student ID#. Consult the guide that explains in detail the steps to follow.

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If you have questions, please contact us at training@propane.ca.

Interested in becoming a PTI trainer?

Take a look at the PTI Website for more information.

Interested in a career in the propane industry?

Review the list of our training programs and contact a PTI Certified Trainer. You will have to successfully complete both a written exam and a hands-on practical evaluation to receive a valid competency certificate meeting the requirements of regulatory authorities across Canada.